Queen of Charts

The “Queen of Charts” nickname was bestowed by a mentor and it’s kind of stuck. I persist in using it because it’s just so dang catchy, but its proven to be true more often than not: I do love charts, diagrams, and maps of processes and, most of the time, feel that if you can visualize it, you can solve it.

But let’s back up.

Photo by Evan Baines

I’m Amanda Meetze Baines: User Experience Advocate, Project Manager, Information Architect, Functional Lead, Orderer of Lunch and Dinner…and all the other stuff it probably says on my LinkedIn profile.

In my career, I’ve worn lots of hats: I’ve designed websites, marketing collateral, banner ads, annual reports, and silly T-shirts; I’ve developed websites from scratch (and I will admit I once “hazed” someone by making her code me something from naught using BBEdit…fortunately for me, she found this endearing and is now one of my best friends in the world). I’ve architected large-scale application development projects and reporting dashboards; I’ve controlled email marketing campaigns to 600,000+ users (with a not-too-shabby 30% open rate, heyoooo). I’ve led large and small teams of very smart, crafty, crazy, amazing people and I’ve helped resolve disputes between them when their brilliant brains can’t quite get along. I’ve¬†trained people how to use all sorts of technology; I’ve built thousands of spreadsheets, graphs, and yes, charts.

I’ve helmed projects for government, education, and corporate clients and while they are all different and wonderful in their own ways, one thing remains true for all of them: communication is key to making everyone happy with the outcome of a project. I also believe in accountability for what you say you will do: I think you should hire smart people and get out of their way.

In my spare time I practice archery, run, cook and take pictures of what I cook, hike (though this is a new development; I am a mite clumsy), and travel the world with my husband, Evan, who is Captain America incarnate, except with more patience and keen photographic ability. We are kept in thrall by two ungrateful cats, Carbon and Tungsten.

I am available for work and travel anywhere in the world (just about).
Check out some of my work to learn more about how I think.

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