Data Visualization

information_design_1Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you take a much closer look at it. This project was a lot like that. We were trying to help our client discover a market within their own customer base for a specific product they were trying to approach differently. Turns out they had overestimated the interest of the existing user base (they were purely looking at the sales figures, not at the “browsing” activities). Some of this information helped them decide how to rev up their advertising approaches to try to capture more of the individuals who were “just looking” to drive sales.

I was responsible for putting together this one-page report to show the relationships of the interest to overall store traffic. because the portion we were trying to review was so small (and it was important that that was made clear) I opted for displaying the information in a way that would dwarf the segment that was under review to hammer the point home.

Agency: iostudio

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