Proposals & Briefs

I love to write. In grad school, I was told, “A word of warning: you’ll probably be writing about 4,000 words a week or so…especially in classes with large papers.” And I was like, Please…I write that much before my first cup of coffee is finished. A great deal of my work in the last several years has been in this arena: everything from improvements and enhancements to existing sites to large, new business pitches. In my experience, there are two keys to a successful proposal or brief:

  1. Knowing your audience and how to write for them
  2. Sourcing the intelligence and creativity of the team

You can’t create these things in a vacuum: sure, you can take a first stab but drafts absolutely must go through several rounds of revisions before they’re perfect. Sometimes this has to happen fast, too, so developing a good understanding of my team and their strengths is always one of the first things I try to lock down. After that, the needs of the client, the innovations we want to bring to bear…all of it happens much more easily.

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