Time Capsule

Feels a bit like I woke up from a nap and all of a sudden there is SO MUCH I don’t know about code. You saw that movie with Brendan Fraser, right? What was it called? Blast from the Past! Yes! I did that without Googling (though now I feel that I should Google to make sure I’m right but I’ll resist it). Academically, I understand quite a bit even if I can’t do it with a gun to my head, but the act of it, I feel that absence in me like I’ve forgotten the words to a song I used to love and belt out at the top of my lungs.

The last time I built a site for myself, really built it, was probably five or six years ago. Can you believe that? And it was probably a few years before that even that I had one that was any good, you know? Like one that I loved and was proud of and may or may not have contained piles of emo poetry and obscure references inspired by Tori Amos.

Now, rubbing the proverbial sleep from my eyes, I awake to a microeconomy of WordPress theme-makers. And you know what, I’m amazingly grateful: so grateful that I could find a theme that looked like a Tumblr but wasn’t. Hah!

But I digress. Here we are, and here we’ll stay. Welcome aboard.

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