Time Spent Getting Ready vs. Temperature When Trying To Go For A Run

We’re having a bit of a theme here this week. This is… approximate time it takes me to get ready to go for a run based on the temperature outside.

Time vs. Temp when trying to get out the door for a run

As you can see, in the low extremes of temperature, you won’t find me outside, but I will go for a run in the high-teens and 20’s, though I am decidedly hampered by time needed to find cold weather accoutrements. Then, somewhere around the mid-40’s dressing is easy and out the door we go quickly. Then comes self-doubt in the high-50’s to low-60’s as cooler temps give way reluctantly to warmer temps, though unpredictably. In the high-60’s to low-70’s it’s another free-for-all with the clothing: can’t go wrong no matter what you pick.

As the temps start to inch up, agonizing over the “right” top to throw on ties me up, followed by certaintyin the low- to mid-80’s that I am wearing the wrong thing and will have to turn around after 10 minutes: just because it feels nice out walking around doesn’t mean the run will go well. Then, in the 90’s (assuming I’m not altogether put off by the heat which usually happens), it takes me forever to find my Camelbak, open it to fill it, find out that it’s got something freaky growing in the resevoir, wash it, rinse it, console self with the probability that anything growing in it was probably in the penicillin family and therefore probably not harmful to me, fill it and seal it, test the water for “soap taste,” don the water-filled backpack and head out the door.

And of course, in the 100’s, the vibe is decidedly, in a word, NOPE.


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