Dr. Datalove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fitbit

I bought a FitBit Charge HR today so I suppose that title isn’t entirely accurate (yet), though it may well be in short order. A good friend of mine has had one for a while and has been enjoying her daily goal triumphs and the absolute dearth of information this little accessory collects and zaps across the ether to her phone. A few times when we’ve hung out recently, I’ve glanced over to see her gleefully poring over her data for the day. There was even that one time she sat down, glanced at the app, and stood right back up to report that we had to go walk her dog right fast because she was so close to her goal and wanted things to go green.

I’m hoping that I can be a similar convert: I love data apps and I’m sure that I, too, will obsessively check my steps and calories burned over the next few weeks—and I wonder if they account for that kind of thing when they estimate battery life…?—as I charge (hah!) toward my goal.

I’ve made this leap for personal reasons, too: I am now solidly in my 30’s and losing weight slash maintaining a healthy weight. is. tough, people. Really tough. I’ve never had a metabolism that was any benefit to me anyway and now it seems that much harder to see results and motivate myself. Maybe with some passive accountability I’ll be able to make a bigger dent in my… yeah. What’s more, if you work in a technology profession as I do, you don’t realize how much time you spend parked in a chair (it’s a lot, as I’m sure I will find out in the next few weeks with my Fitbit on my arm).

So anyway…we’ll see what we find out about me. Can’t wait to see the charts and graphs (oh, my goodness, the charts and graphs!!!!).


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