Favorites: Plated.com

Oh my goodness, do I love Plated. Love love love them. That image up there? I made that: Blackberry Crumble with homemade whipped cream. Amazing. 

I made these, too.

I’m smart—there, I said it: I am—and I use a huge portion of my brain thinking about so many other, more important, possibly billable, gonna-get-asked-this-on-Jeopardy things, that when it comes to figuring out what’s for dinner I just feel…despondent. Or worse, like I need the guy who runs The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows to name the terrible feeling and make an emo video to capture my angst. So Plated helps me with that: they do the food-thinking and food-inspiration for me so I can get back to pondering important things…like the costs and socioeconomic implications of Dyson spheres.

Google it. Very geeky.

Secondly, their photography is gorgeous and aspirational (for cooking AND photography reasons); their photography is probably the reason I went with them over some of the competition. I mean look at this lovely fish-with-salad thing:

via Plated.com
Crispy Red Fish with Corn & Pepper Maque Choux, via Plated.com

vs. this fish-with-salad thing…

via Blue Apron
Salmon Caesar Salad, via Blue Apron

Seriously, is Blue Apron taking photos with iPhones? Sure, I’m doing that, but what’s their excuse?

“Nice salad, Roy. Set it down under these studio lights for a half-hour while I get the camera set up.”

Hope you like gastroenteritis, Roy.

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