Infographic Creation & Refinement

Happy little whiteboards…

For this project, we were working with the client on a weekly basis to hash out a process they were trying to illustrate to their stakeholders. The team’s Senior Designer and I were partnered in not only figuring out the story the client wanted to tell but to figure out how to do it beautifully. Starting from a sketch they created, we dove in head first, trying to understand how the process was supposed to work from both the client’s perspective as well as the laypeople they would be working with.

After our initial discussions, we spent the next several sessions refining the display and messaging of the process. I led the charge in live wireframing sessions using Axure (and some GoToMeeting; the client was remote!) and the designers on the team were always on hand to be sure that the infographic had a strong design foundation from word one: we didn’t want to get into any situations that would box us in, stylistically and their presence made sure that they were always well aware of how things were developing.

Once the client felt that the process wireframe was illustrative of the overall flow of ideas, they gave us signoff to begin the design process.

Final_InfographicsThe appearance of the final infographic reflected a previously selected design direction but delivered on all of the things that we as a team had helped the client to illustrate through our wireframing sessions. The final result (though I’ve redacted the crap out of it) was extremely well-received by both the client and their stakeholders, who cited it as easy to understand and (a credit to our client, most definitely) innovative in its approach.

Agency: Boost Labs

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